• CFPrototype (RIA Forge)

    CFPrototype toolkit can be used to create html prototype of an application. We have been using something similar at work where we develop software by using the Fusebox Lifecycle Process (FLiP). FLiP focuses on obtaining feedback from the client early in the development cycle. HTML prototypes are created that have minimal code logic and database interaction. The focus is on making sure that the layout and presentation are correct. This is accomplished by using a threaded discussion system in this prototpye toolkit. The client can make comments on any page in the prototype by using the notes at the bottom of each page. The client and the developers collaborate on the prototype requirements using these notes to exchange comments. When the client determines that the prototype is an accurate representation of how the final application should look and behave the prototype is baselined and system architecture can begin. This toolkit is build using Fusebox 5.5.1 framework with no-xml. I have tested it with Oracle, mySQL and SQL Server 2005. It uses JavaScript prototype library for various Web 2.0 and Ajax features.

  • CFDefect (RIA Forge)

    I started this project after looking at Ray Camden's Lighthouse Pro which I use at my day job. This project is essentially a replica of all the features of Lighthouse with a different architecture. I wanted to experiment with various frameworks and provide CF community a sample application that can be useful for new comers and probably seasoned developers. The application uses a plethora of various frameworks, techniques and patterns which includes but not limited to Fusebox, ColdSpring, Reactor, AJAX, Aspect Oriented Programming, unobtrusive Javascript and various others.

  • CFLog4j (Google Code)

    Log4j Abstract API for ColdFusion. Coldfusion include log4j internally which is used whenever tag is employed. However the specified log files can only be saved in a folder which is sometime not accessible (especially in shared hosting). This CFC will enable logging to an arbitary log file without the above mentioned limitation. It also provide additional benefit of setting the max size of the log file created, along with configuration of backup files, the level of logging to output (debug, info, warn, error, fatal), and formatting of the messages.

  • Java Image Manipulation (Adobe Exchange)

    This a small Coldfusion MX/Java/application that you can use for image manipulation. It uses Java Advance Image API (JAI) to reduce, crop and create thumbnail for images on the back-end which is essentially one Java Class. It is built using Fusebox 4 framework.

  • UDF on

    Here is a list of few UDF that I have posted on